AIBC Summit Dubai Conquered by AltSwitch

by | Jul 19, 2022

AltSwitch has officially arrived and is all set to present its grand vision for the future in one of crypto’s biggest stages at AIBC Summit Dubai.

The extensive planning, promotion, and preparation have all led to the team’s coordinated effort to expand Altswitch’s brand reach. The core team intends to present its vision to a wider audience of investors and potential strategic partners alike.

Arrival and Preparations in Dubai

The global markets have been shaken by multiple tragic events creating downward trends and the crypto market is no exception. This has made the core team think extensively and dive deep into the pros and cons of attending this year’s AIBC Summit in Dubai.

Undeterred, the team has decided to pursue the grand stage of AIBC bringing with them a vision of the future and the audacity to build towards its completion. Preparations started with the team acquiring the necessary documents, booking attendance for the event, and determining the costs involved to successfully achieve its goals in spreading its brand recognition and getting more investors on board.

Most of the core team members arrived on March 14 in the late evening while the rest of the core team had varying arrival dates before AIBC but everyone had their eyes set on the task ahead. Immediately the team had strategic planning sessions for the marketing execution that would take place in the upcoming summits and expos that they were set to attend.

Crypto Expo Dubai

The team wasted no time and headed to their first destination for its marketing execution in Crypto Expo Dubai held March 16-17. The core team attended this event intending to expand their market presence as well as scout for potential strategic partners. The team was able to network with teams from multiple organizations covering different aspects of cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, and metaverse from startups to emerging projects. Their networking efforts have also led to meaningful insight exchanges that the team has collated and will refine for future application in the project’s development.

Setting up for AIBC Summit Dubai

A reputable hub for cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence was the main destination for the team taking on the wonderful city of Dubai. The first day was a busy day for setting up and making the booth both pleasantly and professionally presentable as well as informative for all potential investors. The team was able to make sure to execute this as strategically planned and shared their booth setup on their socials to the delight of its holders and investors.

The Grand Stage Opens its Doors

Droves of people from different countries, nationalities, backgrounds, and expertise have flocked to the event. Experts from fields such as software development, banking and finance, delegates from their respective projects, as well as investors were present in every corner of the venue. The team wasted no time talking to people to discuss the project, its vision, and future development direction. Notable exchanges of contact information were made with multiple attendees that opened doors to future collaborations and strategic partnerships. Some investors were keenly interested in what the project was trying to achieve and opted to invest on the spot as the team provided all the necessary information while at their booth.

Influencer Video Release and Promos

As the team was working on spreading its brand awareness and influence at the venue a YouTube review by a known crypto influencer Crypto Zeus was released providing updates on the progress of the project. He discussed the ongoing developments that were implemented, the team’s participation in AIBC and Crypto Expo Dubai, and the progression of the team’s quarterly targets.

The team has also conducted multiple promotional contests such as the booth photo competition and a Tesla giveaway as a means to get people interested and get serious investors’ attention towards the project.

Closed-door Pitch with Akon

The legendary hip-hop recording superstar, business mogul, and cryptocurrency pioneer Akon has taken the time to entertain startup pitches in a closed-door meeting and AltSwitch was the very first one on the list. Each startup was only given 15mins to do a presentation to provide further information on their respective projects and Carl (a.k.a BitMax), AltSwitch’s CEO rose to the occasion. After the pitch, BitMax was able to have a quick audience with Akon and even a photo-op beside AltSwitch’s Chief Public Relations Officer Nicholas (a.k.a StellarCat). A few words were shared between the two before all participants were asked to exit the VIP room.

Nonstop Network Building Activities

The team was able to secure multiple contacts information from both prospective investors and potential partners alike. The team kept networking nonstop even outside of the events; collecting and exchanging contact numbers for future communication. The team was also able to secure a meeting with some individual VIPs for potential pitch/partnerships.

The Market Takes Notice

While all the events at AIBC and Crypto Expo Dubai unfold, the team constantly provided updates to its community of investors to involve them in the experience. This in turn was shared on multiple platforms by the community creating a domino effect of viral proportions. The result was a peak position within the top 3 trending and top 1 top gainers on CoinMarketCap, Top 1 gainers on CoinGecko, and also hit a spot within the top 3 of Dextools trending. The token’s market cap jumped to a value of more than 300% in a single day and reached its all-time high in the same period.

Binance Blockchain Week

The team left no stone unturned and attended the biggest expo by one of the leading blockchains in the crypto space. Binance held its binance blockchain week at the Dubai World Trade Centre and hosted some of the most prominent figures in the crypto space such as Certik, Wax, 1inch network, etc for network building and to be up-to-date on what trends are unfolding in the fast paced, innovation-driven crypto market.

Meeting at the Royal Office

The team’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Communications Officer, and Chief Public Relations Officer have been able to secure a meeting at the private office of His Highness Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi after having been able to network with and introduce the project to his Head of Media Denis Chernikov. Upon arriving the team has been briefed that they have been allowed an audience with the Chairman of the Board His Excellence Adnan Al Noorani and present their project, its vision, and development direction. Upon the meeting’s conclusion, they were invited to participate in the second edition of their grand platform called the Future Innovation Summit. The top talking points for this year will be Space, The Metaverse, and Sustainability. This is yet another great addition to the project’s resume and credibility in the realm of cryptocurrency.

The Beginning of Bigger Things to Come

The team’s commitment to continued development and growth remains constant. Developments such as the hardware wallet, NFT collectibles, and Play and Earn games are growth catalysts that can bring the project to its next level. Participating in other global stages for crypto currency startups, tech conventions, and the like are yet another. One thing is for certain the team has and will continue to deliver for AltSwitch and its growing community of serious and long-term investors. If you are still waiting for the perfect opportunity, this is the time to give this project a serious look and invest in the future.



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