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We are creating theFuture of Decentralized Apps & Services

We are creating the Future of DecentralizedApps & Services

AltSwitch is a blockchain based company building products with an ecosystem of decentralized apps and services.


Why Choose Altswitch?

We are a team of
young Innovators

Altswitch’s team is made up of young professionals who combined our expertise from multiple fields to provide the best solutions for everyone on the blockchain. We aim to build the future today and provide meaningful impact for generations to come.

Lock your Token
Earn Reward

The Multi-Yield Deposit is a versatile contract that lets users lock any token to earn short-term and long-term yields simultaneously, fostering engagement and loyalty. This flexible staking option addresses user retention concerns by offering multiple reward avenues, contributing to the ecosystem’s growth and value.

About the Project

Altswitch is building a Decentralized Ecosystem

We are building a secure ecosystem of apps, products, and services that empowers people, giving them control over their financial custody and their data. This includes innovative hardware, a plug-and-play hosting platform, and a secure infrastructure for decentralized apps and services. Upon completion, the ecosystem will utilize a profit-sharing algorithm where a percentage of each transaction done within the ecosystem is redistributed back to holders of the ALTS token, establishing a cyclical economic model that sustains the entire infrastructure and benefits everyone in the community.


Altswitch Ecosystem

Smart Contract Features

Auto Rewards Protocol

This is the foundational function of the AltSwitch token which rewards any holding wallet with any cryptocurrency.

Anti Bot Snipe Function

This function deflects “sniper” bots that buy-in immediately after liquidity is added to the blockchain.

Liquidity Acquisition

Liquidity is the lifeblood of any cryptocurrency and as such making sure it is stable and sustained

Dividends Tracking

AltSwitch has a supplemental smart contract that is in charge of tracking all dividends of each holder.

Operations Wallet

This is where the whole operations of AltSwitch for Development, Design, and Marketing will be funded.

Tax Fomula

The formulated total tax to achieve a right balance between passive income and fulfillment of marketing and development.

Track your earnings

Hold & Earn Rewards

  • 1000+ Crypto Currency

Conveniently track your earned rewards through our user-friendly Dashboard interface. You can easily set your rewards, get an estimate of your future earnings, and even be informed of your total rewards for simply holding ALTS tokens in your wallet.


Our Partners

Our journey towards a decentralized future is made possible with the help of these organizations.


Meet our Team

Learn more about the experts who are building a revolutionary future today.
  • Carl Munsayac

    The lead visionary behind building AltSwitch’s revolutionary blockchain based ecosystem, bringing his business expertise to the forefront of its innovative development.

CEO of Altswitch

  • Clark Abella

    The profoundly creative mind and co-founder behind AltSwitch’s overall design . He is a key figure in all of the company’s aesthetic executions and design concepts.

Chief Design Officer
  • Kaye Labay

    A strategic core team member who brings her efficient insights into AltSwitch’s social media presence and brand reach.

Chief Social Media Officer
  • Shari Ruanto

    A strategic core team member who brings her expertise in community building to establish a professional and uplifting company culture at AltSwitch.

Community Head
  • Nicholas Sledziona

    A strategic core team member with extensive experience in community building and aids AltSwitch’s efforts in establishing a positive community culture in public relations.

Senior Public Relations Officer
  • Carlo Nuque

    A strategic core team member who contributes his vast experience in proficient communications to AltSwitch’s brand building and collaborative efforts in the crypto space.

Senior Business Developer
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